Testing Equipment

Maintaining a system requires a variety of tools, the most important of which is often costly and precisely calibrated testing equipment. Here at Cebula Electronics, we have one of the largest selections of testing equipment in this area. We have invested in all of this testing equipment to ensure your systems are working fully and efficiently, and will continue to do so.

Below you will see our proud current collection of testing equipment, all maintained per manufacturer specifications and kept perfectly calibrated for ready use.

Fire Alarm Test Equipment

  • -SDI TruTest Digital Smoke Detector Sensitivity Meter
  • -SDI TestiFire Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Tester
  • -SDI Solo Smoke Detector Tester
  • -SDI Manometer Duct Pressure Meter
  • -SDI Anemometer Duct Velocity Meter
  • -SDI Cell Checker Digital Battery Load Tester
  • -Macurco Carbon Monoxide Calibrator
  • -Macurco Nitrogen Dioxide Calibrator
  • -Sper Scientific Sound Pressure Level Meter
  • -Goldline DSP2BP Intelligibility/Privacy Meter
  • -EST Siga-Pro Smoke Detector Calibration Tool
  • -EST Siga-MFT Multi Function Service Tool
  • -EST Siga-HDT Handheld Diagnostic Tool
  • -B&K Precision Portable Carbon Monoxide Meter

CCTV Test Equipment

  • -Bosch Camera Configuration Tool
  • -Pelco Camera Setup Tool with LCD Viewer
  • -FM Systems Camera Master Setup Tool
  • -FM Systems Video Timing Meter
  • -Fluke DSP-4000 Network Analyzer
  • -Tektronix Fiber Master OTDR
  • -Fitel/Furukawa Fusion Splicer
  • -Fitel/Furukawa Precision Cleaver
  • -Byte Brothers PoE Tester
  • -Vigitron ViewMate PoE Camera Setup Tool
  • -Woshida IPC-8600 Touchscreen PoE Camera Setup Tool

Audio Test Equipment

  • -TrueAudio Real Time Analyzer, Focusrite Scarlett Preamp, dbx calibrated microphone
  • -RF Venue Spectrum Analyzer
  • -Fluke 85III Calibrated True RMS Multimeter
  • -Simpson 886 Sound Level Meter
  • -Reed Sound Calibrator
  • -Goldline ZM-1P Impedance Meter
  • -Ebtech Cable Tester
  • -TestUm Cable Tracer
  • -Tektronix Bench Oscilloscope
  • -Tektronix Portable Oscilloscope
  • -B&K Precision RF Signal Generator
  • -B&K Precision Audio Signal Generator
  • -B&K Precision Frequency Counter
  • -Sencore Substitution Station